Poetry for the Heart

As a tribute to Mary Oliver, beloved poet by every plant- lover I know, I wanted to share a poem by Guido Masé, with his permission.

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Waterfowl, new moon

by Guido Masé

... with due respect to the loons ...

The great blue heron, so still, is like

a standing piece of driftwood, silver-gray cyan,

like when wood sees the pond water too long

and then, pushed up by a frost heave,

sun-bleaches and molders, gathering color.

Her neck feathers are fine grain exposed by years,

the pith and heartwood interweaving,

immobile, strong, fixed quiet to watch.

But when the neck coils down to spring

and wings open, stretching out tips

to catch sun rays in between,

you can feel the air compress

and watch her rise

as if a cord had lifted her from the granite

that lies half sunk beneath the glassy surface.

In my time I too

hope to rise that way,

fast and light and lifted,

not like the loons, who cry and flap,

and beat the water,

needing their slow, heavy ascent

to raise red eyes over the treeline.

In the Garden with Kathi Keville

I recently returned home from the New England Women's Herbal Conference where I had the honor as a featured teacher, sharing my work on natural brain care, immunity and autoimmunity. My heart is filled at these gatherings. I have such joy connected with friends and learning new things from the other amazing teachers.

Last year I met Kathi Keville. Kathi has been in love with plants for more than 30 years.  Friends with Rosemary Gladstar, she took part in the modern American herbal renaissance. She lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in a home surrounded by her own botanical sanctuary. She has collected more than 450 medicinal plants, and has a special interest in aromatic plants. She makes her own essential oils and teaches aromatherapy and herbal medicine from her garden. 

Kathi teaches classes about plant medicine from her garden classroom.

Kathi teaches classes about plant medicine from her garden classroom.

Kathi will be coming to the MidAtlantic Women's Herbal Conference in just a few weeks. She will be teaching aromatherapy and women's health and promises to bring some of her favorite plants from her garden. I can't wait to see her treasures and learn from her. View the entire Conference Schedule

Kathi Keville lives surrounded by Green Medicine Herb School gardens, cultivating more than 450 medicinal plant species. She has been offering seminars for over 40 years on herbs, aromatherapy, and sustainable foraging in North America and Europe. Kathi has written 15 herb books, over 150 magazine articles, and has a KVMR radio show and Dish TV aromatherapy show. She is director of the American Herb Association director. www.ahaherb.com