Would you like to think more clearly, remember details and feel like yourself again?

Would you like to learn how natural and healthy lifestyle options can make your brain stronger and healthier as you age?

Would you like to have your own customized, natural brain-care plan?

Join me live online October 22 - November 29. (All replays are accessible for 9 months).

For more information and to register go here.

Use the coupon code BRILLIANT for $20 off until October 15.

Special guests David Winston, Kathleen Maier, Tammi Sweet, Deb Soule and Guido Mase make weekly appearances during this training.

What people are saying about this course: 

"This class expanded my understanding of a topic in ways that I needed and was ready for.  Practical suggestions from a knowledgeable woman rooted in natural healing… it’s all right  up my alley."  - Donna O.

"For the past month, Monday nights at 7pm I was tuned into my computer learning about how our brain really works.  Dr. Charis has shared fascinating information and a wealth of knowledge in each session.  I knew a lot about the brain, or I thought I did - she’s made me realize how important it is to take time to really know about our brains and how to care for them.  I’m eagerly awaiting the upcoming sessions.  She presents information in an easy way to understand and comprehend." Cheryl W.

“I love knowing knowing how things work.  It is even better if I can be sitting in my pjs or in the garden and learning about my body how it works and how to naturally heal it.” ~  Lila S.

“I am loving the class you are teaching now and can’t wait to learn more!!  The more we know the better!  Your teaching brings it to a place that is both easy to understand and empowering. Thank you!” ~ Cheryl W.

I encountered Charis at a women's herbal conference, joined GingerJuice right away and was delighted when the Brilliant Brain on-line course came up.  I have been 'eating it up'.  More than any other source of information, from books and medical guides, Charis's organized presentation has helped me make sense of and find tools for addressing my own early cognitive issues that 5 years ago accompanied a host of other autoimmune symptoms.  I would highly recommend this medium, along with the connections with other interested herbalists.” ~ Donna

“For the past several years I have taken several online courses but never did the homework when memory or testing was involved, so it was more like I was auditing.  Now I realized I was concerned I would discover that my brain no longer is retaining information and I wanted to retain my earlier schooling image of myself as a great learner.  I was scared that if memory loss were there, it was permanent, and I didn't want to find that out!!!!   Through this course, I think Charis has managed to help me get over that hurdle!"  ~  Mary H.