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Understanding CBD and Cannabis as Medicine with Tammi Sweet

Tammi Sweet is a well- known herbal educator and co-director of the Heartstone Herbal School, Van Etten, NY.

Tammi Sweet is a well- known herbal educator and co-director of the Heartstone Herbal School, Van Etten, NY.

Join us for an in-person live event at Healing Earth Studio, Lenhartsville PA. Tammi Sweet will share the latest research and insights on CBD, THC and cannabis as whole plant medicine. Learn how and why this plant works and what to look for when purchasing products. The first part of this lecture will develop your understanding of the endocannabinoid system: what it is, how it works, and how we can support optimal function. We will then condense the vast amount of available data into a useable format to allow informed decision-making with regards to cannabis. Included in this informative lecture will be a heavy dose of myth-busting and paradigm shifting information to help combat the marketing trend to “constituentize” cannabis into the more palatable “CBD oil”. We will begin the 2.5 hour class with the question, "What are you hoping to learn today?" Your answer to that question will help inform the day's format. Join us in person, or via our online Zoom classroom.

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to Mar 8

Natural Cardio Care: An Herbalist's Perspective with Guido Masé

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Cardiovascular issues touch the lives of over 84 million people in the US, and remains the leading cause of death for both men and women. Hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, peripheral artery disease and even diabetes are disconcerting conditions that many people struggle with but seldom know the best options for natural treatment and prevention. 

Cardiovascular disease can happen to anyone. Taking a proactive approach to support healthy cardiovascular function is the best way to prevent more serious issues as we age. Many preventive measures can be taken naturally, by learning how to self-evaluate so you can promote optimal function and eliminate lifestyle factors that undermine cardiovascular health. How does one properly self-evaluate? Natural Cardio Care with Guido Masé is specifically designed to guide you through the various components of self evaluation for better cardiovascular health. 

By the end of the 6-Week Course, you’ll have an extensive, personalized natural cardiovascular care program that will boost confidence in your overall health. Along the way you'll have the benefit of learning with a supportive network of like-minded individuals and experienced health professionals. 

In addition to core classes taught by Guido Masé,  guest speakers will add to the conversation by offering their unique perspective on natural cardiovascular health. Special guests include Christopher Hobbs, Tammi Sweet, Deb Soule and  Kerry Smith.

All classes will be held live Mondays and Thursdays and ALL classes will be available to watch as a replay until August, 2019


Weekly Outline (core classes are in bold): All classes are 7PM EST, unless noted otherwise:

Monday, Jan 21: Understanding Hypertension, Lipids and Cholesterol ~ Guido Masé

Thursday, Jan 24: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Heart Health ~ Christoper Hobbs

Monday, Jan 28: Diagnostics and Herbal Therapeutics for Blood Pressure and Elevated Blood Lipids/Cholesterol ~ Guido Masé

Thursday, Jan 31: An Ayurvedic Approach to Better Heart Health ~ Kerry Smith

Monday, Feb  4: Understanding the Effects of Chronic Inflammation on the Heart and Vascular System ~ Guido Masé

Thursday Feb 7: The Heart as an Organ of Perception ~ Kat Maier

Monday, Feb 11: Diagnostics and Herbal Therapeutics for Heart/Vascular Disease ~ Guido Masé

Thursday, Feb 14: Meditation for the Heart ~ Deb Soule, 12:30pm,  EST

Monday,  Feb 18: The Heart and Mind Connection ~ Guido Masé

Thursday, Feb 21: Cannabis and the Heart ~ Tammi Sweet

Monday -Thursday Feb 25: BREAK: Time to catch up!

Monday, Mar 4: Diagnostics and Herbal Therapeutics for Heart and Mind Connection Disruption ~ Guido Masé

Thursday, Mar 7: Final Wrap Up and Q&A ~ Guido Masé

Guido Masé, RH(AHG) is a clinician and educator in the Western herbal tradition. He spent his childhood in Italy and has been living in Vermont since 1996. His practice interweaves clinical experience, mythology, and science. 

He is chief herbalist at Urban Moonshine, clinician at the Burlington Herb Clinic, faculty member and clinical supervisor at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, teacher in herbal medicine at the University of Vermont, and author of The Wild Medicine Solution and DIY Bitters. He is developing the integrative phytotherapy department at Wasso Hospital in Loliondo, Tanzania.

He has a talent for explaining complicated subjects in an interesting and understandable manner. He creates a bridge between the scientific community and the public, feeding both groups with practical information that can be used personally in the home, or with clients in a clinic.

This course is designed to empower both individuals dealing with cardiovascular issues AND clinicians wanting to broaden their therapeutic options for clients. 

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to Sep 30

8th Annual MidAtlantic Women's Herbal Conference

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Join Rocio Alarcón, Maia Toll, Tammi Sweet, Kathleen Maier, Kathi Keville and other herbalists teaching on a variety of topics including herbs for women's health, medicinal uses of cannabis, postpartum massage, aromatherapy, making herb-infused chocolates and more. Friday, Sept 28 features a pre conference intensive on spiritual bathing for mind and spirit using sacred plants and champagne.  View entire schedule at BotanicWise.com

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to Jun 10

Allies for Plants and People

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Registration is open for our new gathering: Allies for Plants and People, to be held in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania.  Internationally acclaimed herbalist, author and teacher David Winston will be joined by Phyllis Light, Christopher Hobbs, Nancy Phillips, Tammi Sweet and Guido Masé.  

A special pre conference Plant Identification hike with Christopher Hobbs and David Winston will be held Friday June 8, 4-6pm. 

Space is limited. For details visit BotanicWise.com

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Eat Fat and Stay Smart!

Forgetfulness, foggy thinking, brain fatigue, and mood changes are disconcerting symptoms that many of us experience but seldom know the best options for treatment and prevention. These symptoms can happen to anyone and are often telling us that our brains need more support.  

Join me for a FREE webinar about what you CAN eat to support a healthy brain!


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to Oct 2

6th Annual MidAtlantic Women's Herbal Conference

Join us for a very special weekend honoring the age-old wisdom of herbal and natural medicines. Learn more about using, identifying, preparing and growing herbs for yourself, for your family or to help others on their healing path. Connect with like-spirited women, laugh, sing, dance and be inspired by a great line up of teachers and by each other. Take the day to stretch your mind, enjoy the outdoors and get a rest from day to day stress. Register here. 

Over 15 workshops on women's health, herbal medicine, gardening, and plant identification. Activities include classes such as herb walks, yoga, herbal remedy preparation, singing and dancing!  

Speakers include Amikaeyla Gaston, Claudia J. Ford, PhD, Tammi Sweet, Jenn Allen, Sarah Thomas and more.

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to Oct 2

GingerJuice - an online, ongoing event!

Join this online community of women who love plants, healthy living, herbal medicine, and all things natural.  Come ready to learn and share your wisdom with the group.  

The cost to join? FREE!  The reason to join? You crave the support and friendship of like-minded women, and you love plants! 

What do you get by joining?

  • Access to a private Facebook group, where I will be fully present
  • Access to an interview of Tammi Sweet - find out her single favorite herb for travel, and whether she really can rap.
  • Access to a monthly “Juice Cafe,” with guest teachers, Q&A sessions, and who knows what fun?
  • The chance to give feedback on our annual gathering, make special requests, and be the first to hear about early registration discounts.

And if you join by March 13, 11:59pm you will be automatically entered in a raffle for an Herb of the Month Surprise Gift Box!

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