About Charis...


Do you wish?

  • You had help sorting through the vast amount of information on healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition, natural medicine and methods of healing?

  • Someone could help you answer your health care questions about everything from weight-loss to chronic pain and recommend something besides drugs or surgery?

  • You had a doctor who uses natural remedies, such as herbal medicine and diet to achieve a more permanent wellness?

  • You had natural health care options for your kids and family?

  • You were part of an inspiring, empowered community of women to support you on your journey of physical and emotional wellness?

My story...

At the beginning of my journey with natural medicine I felt alone and overwhelmed by the volume of information and advice, often conflicting. I longed for a female mentor who could guide me in the right direction. At the time I didn’t know any female practitioners with a knowledge of natural medicine.  So I simply left my job as a 4th grade teacher, and went back to graduate school.  

4 years later I graduated first in my class from Parker College of Chiropractic.  I then began my studies as an herbalist, learning and researching everything I could to care for my patients, my friends, and my family. I became a pioneer for holistic health, especially for women and children.  

While I do treat men, my passion for providing a safe environment for women to share their deepest health concerns has grown over two decades. Inspired by the amazing Rosemary Gladstar, I established the MidAtlantic Women’s Herbal Conference in 2011.  This annual event held in rural Pennsylvania nurtures a network of women from the region who are interested in sustainable health and living.  Allies for Plants and People, first held in 2019, is a new event, held in Pennsylvania and invites anyone interested in plant medicine to come and learn from the top teachers in the herbal world.

The success of these conferences has inspired the creation of BotanicWise®, the organization that hosts both events as well as my online botanical education.

Be Naturally Brilliant!

My unique knowledge, experience and perspective are offered here and shared with you.

  • My training as a doctor of chiropractic gives me a balanced view of health, integrating both science, nature and the mind-body connection.

  • As an herbalist, I rely on medicine from the plants around us to support and nurture good health.

  • Still an avid lifelong student, I study the latest scientific research so as to better help my patients understand and make decisions about their health. 

  • And as a female, I am passionate about empowering women, in their health decisions and in their search for meaning in their lives.

Join me and let’s learn and grow together. I will share the knowledge I have used with my patients, my family and myself to foster truly sustainable health and wellness. It is your turn to feel vital and whole. I am genuinely honored to be part of your journey.