Creating Community

For a long time I have craved community.  Women who love plants. Women who want to be outside. Women who believe in making the world a better place.  Women who love peace, nature and natural healing.  Women who stand up for what they believe in. Women who crave community.

This was the driving force behind the impetus to establish the MidAtlantic Women’s Herbal Conference.  I simply wanted a forum close to home where women could support each other in their quest for life purpose and healing with plants. That may sound like a pretty narrow niche, but it has happened.  Every autumn when the leaves are falling on the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside more than 200 women gather on a 90 acre farm. Most of these women I only see once a year, at this event, and yet the friendship grows, and the deep connection of sisterhood remains.  If you have never partaken in an event such as this, I can only tell you that it feels like coming home.  The incredible happiness and enthusiasm of these women radiate a powerful energy of healing, that I hope endures long after the last tent is folded up and put away.

After five years of successful gatherings, I am taking the next step.  I am creating an online community, a forum where we can connect in between live events.  Imagine checking in with each other all year long, watching the progress of those who are following their dreams, learning from each other, inspiring each other, sharing hopes and dreams.  

I am naming this group “GingerJuice,” mostly because I like the name and I’m passionate about ginger as medicine, and also because it just says something about the fun of getting together. I even had fun creating the logo on GraphicSprings.  For now Ruzuku will host the group, allowing us to get to know each other and have monthly online “Juice Cafes” where we can talk shop, invite teachers share wisdom and keep the energy going in the right direction.

Do you know anyone who might need this? I am hoping you do! To make the juice, we need the ginger - there ain’t no group, if no one shows up! If you’d like to give this a try, and see if it feels like a fit for you, then join me on this maiden voyage of online community. 

The cost to join? FREE!  The reason to join? You crave the support and friendship of like-minded women, and you love plants! 

What do you get by joining?

  • Access to a private Facebook group, where I will be fully present.
  • Access to an interview of Tammi Sweet - find out her single favorite herb for travel, and whether she really can rap.
  • Access to a monthly “Juice Cafe,” with guest teachers, Q&A sessions, and who knows what fun?
  • The chance to give feedback on our annual gathering, make special requests, and be the first to hear about early registration discounts.

And if you join by March 13, 11:59pm you will be automatically entered in a raffle for an Herb of the Month Surprise Gift Box! In less than 24 hours from this launch over 70 women have jumped in enthusiastically.  Hope to see you there!