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Keeping Your Brain Brilliant

Join Dr. Charis Lindrooth online for this 6 week natural brain care program:

Nobody wants to lose brain function. Forgetfulness, foggy thinking, brain fatigue, and mood changes are disconcerting symptoms that many of us experience but seldom know the best options for treatment and prevention. These symptoms can happen to anyone and are often telling us that our brains need more support. Taking a proactive approach to support healthy brain function is the best way to prevent more serious neurological issues as we age. Many proactive measures can be taken naturally, by learning how to self evaluate so you can “feed” the brain for optimal function and eliminate lifestyle factors that undermine brain health. Complete this course and you will have a personalized natural brain care program that will boost confidence in your overall health and happiness.

Each week a special guest speaker will also offer their unique perspective on natural brain health. Rosemary Gladstar, David Winston, Deb Soule, Tammi Sweet, and Guido Masé will join the discussion to share their wisdom on topics such as meditation, herbal nervines, the heart-brain connection and botanical cognitive enhancers.

This 6 Week Course will:

  1. Help you outline your own natural brain care program.

  2. Highlight areas of the brain and how symptoms might appear in each area.

  3. Show you how to support 4 important neuro-chemicals essential for healthy brain function.

  4. Explain how hidden digestive problems can create cognitive issues.

  5. Explain the role that the stress, the immune system and inflammation play in the the development of troubling brain symptoms.

  6. Offer an abundance of information supporting improved brain function, healthier moods and prevention of more serious brain conditions.